Pictures of India supports different projects related to education in India. See article 2: Goals in our statuses.

With these three projects, we are already off to a good start, they are small steps to bring our assistance. Each donation, each purchase counts, small amounts here are worth a lot over there. Do not hesitate to make a donation and/or become a member.

Round Table India

Since 2009, we support building of schools where the State does not build any. Because, even if education is "free" in India, there aren't schools everywhere. When there is a school, the State provides the building and the teachers but not the school material, this puts the poorest to a disadvantage. By financing projects of school constructions and purchase of school material, Pictures of India wants to give more children the chance to go to school.

RTI is an Indian NGO which build schools, provides school material and grants to motivated students. They act nationally.

The Juvi Home

Since 2016, we support the Juvi home for young women in difficulty. The home is located in Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka. Those women have often been banished from their family, do not exactly have an education and are not able to get by by themselves. The Juvi Home offers them a seamstress training, a community life, an way to independence and especially a future.

The products crafted by the young women living in the Juvi home are of very good quality. They are sold on location and we also have them in stock occasionally.

The LC Ladybird orphanage

Since 2016 too, we support the LC Ladybird orphanage for girls who cannot be adopted. The orphanage is located in Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka. These children live mostly on the street otherwise, we can provide for their needs, their education and offer them a future by financially supporting the LC Ladybird orphanage.

In fact, since India signed the UN agreement about adoption, children without identity papers cannot be adopted any more, even locally.