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Donating is the easiest way to help and it's your call, your choice, your decision. It is an act of generosity that makes you feel good and proud, and it's completely all right to feel that way.

By donating to Pictures of India, you allow children to go to school, to access the necessary school material to learn to read and write, sometimes to have a real meal at lunch too. They will grow up, maybe even get motivated for future studies and finally be confident to secure a job. Education is not completely free in India, paying for schooling, school books, furniture and other equipment, even just for a few children, will provide them a better future. No matter how much, the smallest amount could improve the education of a child and their life too.

Preferred donation option: Bank wire transfer

Please use below information to fill in your e-banking form or contact your bank to order a wire transfer. This solution is preferred if you have a bank account in Switzerland.

Payment for: Pictures of India, avenue de France 98, 1004 Lausanne, Suisse
IBAN: CH14 8046 0000 0544 6121 8
Bank: Banque Raiffeisen, 1110 Morges
Clearing: 80460

Please note that the transfer fees might be expensive if you make a donation via bank wire transfer from outside of Switzerland (for you and for us). In this case, please use the PayPal option below.

Second option: Paypal

This is the best solution if you don't have a Swiss bank account. Donate to Pictures of India with PayPal, an online credit card payment system that is completely safe and secured. With the button below you will be redirect to Paypal website and you will be able to pick the amount you wish to donate.

Also, when you visit the picture galleries, you will see one called Donation, there you can pick how much you want to donate especially if you would like to buy a photo as well, just add it to the cart.

For information, Paypal bills us up to 4% commission of the amount for its use; this is why, if you have a bank account in Switzerland, we would be grateful if you could make a bank wire transfer instead. Thank you very much for your understanding.