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Founder & President

Joanie Waelti is also a professional ITIL Service Manager and speaks at conferences about India and social media.
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Lausanne, Switzerland


Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Originally from Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and born with a computer on her laps, Joanie Waelti studied to become an English language teacher before starting a career in IT in 2001. A professional experience from 2004 to 2006, coordinating a team of 30 Indian consultants at Philip Morris Intl., pushes her to turn to India and she quickly becomes fond of India's cultural diversity, inhabitants friendliness and some magnificent and enchanting monuments and locations. In 2007, she spends her first two months in India and has been back every year since; in the course of her travels, she meets new people and just cannot do without. Some notions of Hindi later, in 2009, a Lausanne movie theatre, Pathé Galeries, asks her to exhibit pictures and that is when Joanie decides to do more. She creates Pictures of India (, a small "privately owned NGO", and starts selling her pictures in favor of underprivileged children in India. Her exhibition is repeated in 2011 at an Indian restaurant in Morges and in 2015-20016 at the Lausanne International School of Tourism, where the director also asks her to hold conference to start their summer semester 2015 on the theme of India. A rewarding experience that she renews with pleasure.

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