Story of a calendar

Babbus du temple

One cannot imagine the workload there is in editing for the first time a calendar as special as this one, especially when one is alone to manage this all, the search for photographers, the selection of pictures, all the related emails, the printers offers, the formatting...

When I started working on this project, I found motivation and energy in thinking about the great challenge it is, but most of all because I could finally do more for the children and young women in difficulty who I want to help in India, where education lacks, to give them the tools for their independence.

I must have contacted a dozen photographers that I had thought of, some never answered, others let me know they were not participating, and at last, and for my greatest joy, five photographers accepted. I will be introducing them soon in another blog post, I promise.

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Our 2017 calendar with guests' project

Udaipur elephant statue

This summer I was challenged with a calendar project, to federate photographers with a portfolio of pictures of India and linked to India for our 2017 calendar. I loved the idea, thought about it a lot and started writing project details and figuring out who the photographers could be, with a few I knew I would start with.

As it has always been important to me, all calendar sales benefits will go directly to education projects in India, helping disfavored children, orphan girls and young single women in difficulty.

The calendar will gather 13 pictures, 4 to 6 of which by Joanie Waelti, the 7 to 9 others donated by guest photographers with a close relationship with India.

The name of participant photographers will be mentioned on the calendar, on or near their picture(s), together with one other contact detail (eg. Website URL or social media profile). Also there will be a link to their website or blog or other from the recommended links page on

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Indian Festival & Workshop


June 8-12, the Indian Festival & Workshop happened. A space in Lonay dedicated to music, yoga, art, food and culture, all Indian, all interesting, all colorful and with benefits in favor of humanitarian association, including Miblou and Pictures of India of course.

oeuves de Veronique Nicolet

Organized by Marina Paglieri, violonist and administrator of the Ensemble Baroque de Joux, the festival took place in the middle of green fields and surrounded by trees in a peaceful space decorated by the artist and painter Veronique Nicolet.

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Buy a picture

Bicycle booth

Bicycle booth - Pictures of IndiaThe pictures you can see in the Photos section are for sale. The benefit made by selling these pictures is all going to India, directly to an Indian association that funds educational projects for unfavored children in India. If you want to help but aren't interested in the pictures, you can also make a donation.

Right now, the pictures only are for sale. In the future we will add some other options like calendars and tote bags. If you would like one of our pictures on another item, please let us know in the comments.

As for the price, one picture is 100 CHF. The standard size is 30 x 40 cm.
The original picture comes with a wooden frame. The reprints are printed on an aluminum support with a transparent protective film.

We are currently working on a shopping cart for you to be able to order the pictures directly from this website. Meanwhile, should you wish to buy a picture, please contact us and let us know which picture you're interested in.