The pictures published on this website were taken during my many travels in India. I wanted these travels to be cultural, but they brought me so much more. Beautiful encounters became friendships or simply helped kill time, and out of the ordinary situations sometimes turn into memories, just because the camera was not ready yet.

India captivates, India moves, India talks to my soul and heart, it has become a part of me and every time

I have to leave, I already wish to go back. This is why I decided to act in favor of those who live there and have less than we do. I hope that after your visit you will have that same impelling feeling, the urge to know more, the urge to travel and maybe too, the urge to act together.

Let me tell you the whole story...

2004-2006, I manage and work with a team of 30 Indian consultants on a SAP support project, they make me discover their world and want to see by myself.

January and February 2007, I spend my first 2 months in India. With my "Guide du Routard", I venture from North to South via Delhi, Agra, Bombay, Bangalore and Cochin.

2007-2008, I watch a lot of Bollywood movies and meet some people in Switzerland that will allow me to go back to India soon.

Januray 2009, bound for Bombay (Mumbai) to discover Bollywood, be an extra in movies and meet new people.

March to May 2009, I work as a translator and interpreter for the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations at the Indian consulate in Geneva.

June 2009, I am contacted by the "Galeries du Cinéma" in Lausanne and decide to sign a contract for a picture exhibition in November.

September 2009, I send my old laptop to a friend in India... Good news, this simple gift allows him to find a new job.

October 2009, Welcome to the first version of the Pictures of India website.

November 12th, 2009, the newspaper "La Côte" publishes an article about my first picture exhibition.

December 7th, 2009, last day of my exhibition, unhooking and assessment: 4 pictures and 4 2010 calendars sold, unfortunately not enough to cover my costs, I stay positive and think I will do better next time. The pictures are still for sale on the website and you can still make a donation at any time.

January 2010, flying to Delhi where I meet my friend Pawan, member of Round Table India (see recommended links), to whom I give the donations received since November 2009. There is the equivalent of CHF 150.- that will serve to buy school material.

February and March 2011, a 2 months trip all over India where I mad over 10'000 pictures (needing sorting out), they include the wedding of my friends Prasant and Pranati.

June 2011, birth of the Pictures of India Facebook page.

September to December 2011, the Chandigarh Tandoori, the Indian restaurant in Morges Beausobre, has the Pictures of India exhibition on display, I feel lucky to be able to hand my pictures in a place that's in the theme.

2012-2015, several trips to India... What comes next will be in the future blog.

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