2017 was a loaded year for our association, full of novelties, events, gratefulness and lessons.


The association was legally constituted, acquired members, got to be known and has more products for sale hand-made by the young women of the Juvi Home.


As part of the festival organization, we have been interviewed on the radio Rouge FM and have been filmed for the presentation video of our crowdfunding campaign. Moreover, despite the cancellation of some activities, we maintained the Bollywood movie, the yoga class, the discussion panel and the brunch.


Thanks to the support of our partners, sponsors and hosts, we have been able to collect more money for the education projects we support than in 2016.


We would like to thank particularly the direction of Le Mirabeau Hotel for their generous donation and the company UDITIS SA for the sponsoring of the festival without whom we would not have passed the year.


The festival did not have the expected success, we have learned our lessons, we shall not foresee too big things when we are just starting. This is why the year 2018 will be different, we will organize smaller events, we will come up with new ides and we are open to any suggestions of course.

The second lesson is: do not do too much, to such an extent that in the end we cannot finish what we started. This is what happened when, in the middle of the festival organization, we lost track of the 2018 calendar follow up and could not complete it.

2017 fundraising

We have closed the 2017 accounting end of February and we have been able to distribute close to 1200 CHF to the education projects we support in India. This amount is mainly constituted of donations.

January in India

This January, our founder went to India to catch up on the ongoing projects and bring in person the money of the fundraising dedicated to the orphanage.

The meeting with the women in charge of the Juvi Home took place in a new location, following financial problems, they could not pay the rent of the big house where they used to host the young women, and where they had enough space for the workshop and class rooms. The home is now located in an apartment that can only host 7 young women, the house hosted 20 one year ago. The living area serves as an office, dining room, class room, and living room, as for the workshop studio, it is on the ground floor in a very small boutique like room.

The support we bring to the Juvi Home is very important for those young ladies, they want us to know they are really happy to be able to count on our/your generosity and wish to share their plans for 2018-2019: they want to acquire a car, second hand, nothing luxurious, but without this car they cannot drive to the small markets where they are invited to sell their products. You can help them by donating via e-banking or Paypal, add "Juvi car" in the comments.

The LC Ladybird orphanage welcomed us with open arms, danse, songs, guided visit, French lesson, hugs and photo session. The little girls were adorable and the responsible woman is a gem, it is obvious that she does everything for the girl's happiness, education, well-being and good health.

The administrator, a woman too, has also shared this year's plans, electricity is expensive and for now everyone gets cold showers. She wishes to find funds for solar panels in order to spare energy and allow for warm showers for the girls and their substitute mother who also lives in the orphanage. You can help them by donating via e-banking or PayPal, add "Orphanage solar panels" in the comments.

2018 general assembly

Finally, we will hold our 2018 general assembly in April, the date will be chosen according to the availability of the members. We are always looking for new members, by paying a 30 CHF membership they show their support to the cause, join us now.