Cotonnades séchant au soleil de Yann Arthus Bertrand

With the whole communication and organization for the Festival of India, we almost forgot to let you know that you are also working on the 2018 calendar with guest photographers.

It will feature well known photographers like Yann Arthus Bertrand, who is making us the honour once again and donated one of his pictures for our calendar. Other photographer that you might have seen and admired their photographs in our 2017 calendar will be present too and new guests as well.

In order to avoid any unnecessary printing costs, we have decided to proceed via a pre-order form. If the pre-orders reach 20 copies, the calendar will be edited, if not, we will wait to have 20 steady orders.

You can now proceed and pre-order your calendar in the form below, we are looking forward to receiving and confirming them. The price is 20 CHF when you pre-order by Nov. 5th. the calendar will be billed 25 CHF thereafter.

Thank you so much for your support.

PS: we only made one form in both languages, you can read the English version in smaller print below the French version. Thank you for your understanding.

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