On April 8th, 2017, at Be Oh! in Lausanne, took place the constitutive assembly of the non-profit association Pictures of India, our association. With 13 people present, including 11 who wished to become founding members, plus one excused founding member, we are now officially a small association with just 12 members, for now.

The assembly lasted for two hours, we read and discussed the Association's goals and the statuses, elected the committee and accounts auditors, shared our ideas and got excited about the association's projects.

The annual membership was fixed at 30 CHF per year for a physical person and 75 CHF for a moral person. We wanted to stay accessible for anyone interested, no matter their age or financial situation.

Last week we opened the association's bank accounts NT and the committee met for the first time. It seemed important, and foremost, to have flyers printed in order to get known and acquire new members. We also want to update the website with the different projects we support, add a page for the Association and Committee and a "Become a member" page too. All of this is actually underway, new pages were published on the website and still need improvement, the flyer is currently being created too.

Aurélie, Juliana and Joanie, the committee members, are excited to collaborate and start new projects to give Pictures of India members an associative life, making it a community association that’s close to the public.

We're promising surprises. Become a member today to enjoy all of them.

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