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One cannot imagine the workload there is in editing for the first time a calendar as special as this one, especially when one is alone to manage this all, the search for photographers, the selection of pictures, all the related emails, the printers offers, the formatting...

When I started working on this project, I found motivation and energy in thinking about the great challenge it is, but most of all because I could finally do more for the children and young women in difficulty who I want to help in India, where education lacks, to give them the tools for their independence.

I must have contacted a dozen photographers that I had thought of, some never answered, others let me know they were not participating, and at last, and for my greatest joy, five photographers accepted. I will be introducing them soon in another blog post, I promise.

Sixty-one (61), this is the number of pictures that were submitted for the preselection although there are only 13 spaces available in the calendar. After reducing the preselection count to 25, the choice was very difficult to make, there had to be a few pictures of mine and one to two pictures by each guest photographer according the our agreement.

Once the final assortment of pictures determined, their order in the calendar picked and the printer selected; there was still some work to do, preparing the calendar formatting and pages layout. A job for a designer that I chose to do myself in order to save what the printer would have charged for that to do it themselves. Actually, he happened to congratulate me for a very well done work, my PDFs could be used as is for the A4 and A3 samples print.

Also, I was invited to show the preview of the calendar and talk about Pictures of India at an event about women leadership organized by Share Ideas, on November 2nd at the D! Club in Lausanne (tickets available via the link below). Moreover, I'm very happy to say that my request to run a booth for free on Saturday November 26th at the Migros Metropole center in Lausanne was granted. I am looking for volunteers who could give me 2 hours or more of their time during that day. Should you be interested, please sign up in the doodle.

And finally, I have the calendar A4 and A3 samples in my hands, it is a great accomplishment feeling, I must admit that it feels good to see that all those efforts will pay. Now, it is in your hands, by buying this 2017 calendar, you help children and young women in difficulty, you have a nice place to note your important events and above all you brighten up your home with beautiful pictures of India.

I would like to express my warmest thanks for your support.

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