Udaipur elephant statue

This summer I was challenged with a calendar project, to federate photographers with a portfolio of pictures of India and linked to India for our 2017 calendar. I loved the idea, thought about it a lot and started writing project details and figuring out who the photographers could be, with a few I knew I would start with.

As it has always been important to me, all calendar sales benefits will go directly to education projects in India, helping disfavored children, orphan girls and young single women in difficulty.

The calendar will gather 13 pictures, 4 to 6 of which by Joanie Waelti, the 7 to 9 others donated by guest photographers with a close relationship with India.

The name of participant photographers will be mentioned on the calendar, on or near their picture(s), together with one other contact detail (eg. Website URL or social media profile). Also there will be a link to their website or blog or other from the recommended links page on picturesofindia.org.

Moreover, each guest photographers will be featured in a blog post on our website to introduce who they are, why they are participating and the choice of their picture(s).

The photographers can choose to donate the picture(s) for the calendar purpose only or to also sell on the picturesofindia.org shop as standalone picture, and/or as printed on future selected quality and well thought merchandising like tote bags. Again, all sales benefits of the donated pictures, no matter how they are sold, will be given to education projects in India.

The photographers agree that picturesofindia.org uses their donated picture(s) online, in blog posts, in social media, newsletter and other possible means of communication in order to raise awareness to this project, the calendar and Pictures of India.

I am so excited to share that project with you today. Hope you will love our 2017 calendar.

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