June 8-12, the Indian Festival & Workshop happened. A space in Lonay dedicated to music, yoga, art, food and culture, all Indian, all interesting, all colorful and with benefits in favor of humanitarian association, including Miblou and Pictures of India of course.

oeuves de Veronique Nicolet

Organized by Marina Paglieri, violonist and administrator of the Ensemble Baroque de Joux, the festival took place in the middle of green fields and surrounded by trees in a peaceful space decorated by the artist and painter Veronique Nicolet.

Masterclass with Rupam

Pictures of India presentation table

On Sunday afternoon, after a delicious Indian lunch prepared by Be Oh!, I gave my second conference about India to a public who already knew about India, I tried to make them travel with me and they appreciated the trip. I really hope to be able to animate more conferences about India in the future, I love it (besides the pre conference stress).

Conférence Dominique Wohlschlag

Conférence Joanie Waelti

After the conference, I was allowed to sell products I brought back from Bangalore this January when I visited the Juvi home for young women. Miblou also sold their own products and we all had a great time at the following concert that was partly improvised.

Concert Namrata Amnani

Concert Namrata & Rupam

Concert fusion




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