March 2015 marks a new era at Pictures of India.

We are launching the new website but not only...

The International School of Tourism in Lausanne (EIT) organizes a conference at each start of term and I have been invited to speak about India (and tourism) to the students and professors on Tuesday March 3rd. It is a great opportunity for me as I can talk and talk about India but I have never actually prepared any material, an outline and PowerPoint presentation and made sure it would last one hour. I am very excited about this and already looking forward to share and speak at more conferences in the future.

Moreover, yesterday was the installation of the Pictures of India exhibition at the EIT too, this week being a ski holiday in Switzerland, it was a good time to hang the pictures on their walls. Eighteen pictures will welcome the students and staff when coming back to school on Monday. I cannot wait to hear what they all think of them. The school Director was present during the installation and very pleased of the warmth that the pictures give to her walls already.

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