2017 A4 and A3 calendars with guest photographers

The Pictures of India 2017 calendars with guest photographers is now available, check out the pictures here.

The standard size is A4, the A3 prototype is auctioned with a starting price of 45 CHF, please note your maxiumum price in the calendar order form.

The price of the standard A4 calendar is 35 Swiss Francs, the A3 calendar will be sold 45 if it is edited.

It's January and we have some calendars left... Get yours NOW for 1/2 price, just 17.50 CHF... It won't come any cheaper...

Calendar price
1  3+ 10+
A4 calendar 35 each 33 each 30 each

>> Go to the 2017 calendar order form <<

Go to the calendar order form

>> By submitting the form, you agree to

  • pay for the calendars you order,
  • receive our future newsletter, this can be cancelled via the confirmation email.

Packing & Shipping

Now that the calendars are in and we could weigh everything, here are details on packing and shipping:

  • 1 pack can accommodate 5 calendars maximum, if you want more calendars please let me know.
  • as from 4 calendars in the same pack, it is considered as a parcel and not a letter any more, therefore the increase in price.
  • Swiss postage fees are really expensive to foreign countries, and unfortunately there's nothing to do about this.
Nb of
A post
Other countries
ask for price
1 4.50 CHF 9.50 CHF 11.50 CHF  
2 4.50 CHF 14.50 CHF 18.50 CHF  
3 4.50 CHF 14.50 CHF 18.50 CHF  
4 11.50 CHF 20.50 CHF 32.50CHF  
5 11.50 CHF 20.50 CHF 32.50 CHF  
ask for price        

To foreign countries, you can decide to add an extra 6 CHF if you prefer to receive your calendar via Recommended mail for a safer delivery.

We will ship the calendars to

  • Swiss addresses via A post between December 1st and December 10th the latest, but not before your payment is received. You will have your calendar by mid-December according to the Swiss post
  • Foreign addresses before end of November, but not before your payment is received. You should be delivered by mid-December according to the Swiss post, though they cannot guarantee delays of other countries post systems.

Discount codes

The discount codes give a discount of 3 CHF per calendar, that's 32 instead of 35 CHF per calendar, and then as from 10 calendars the price goes down to 30 per piece as set above.

  • Student discount codes: only valid with a picture or scan of a valid student card, please email the file to joanie (at) picturesofindia.org after completing the order form.
  • Other discount codes: have their own validity rules which are available when the code is provided.


Cash on pickup: when you come pickup your calendar at the restaurant Be Oh! Rue de Bourg 16 in Lausanne, a 2mn walk from St-Francois place.

Money bank transfer: if you live in Switzerland and you chose to be delivered by regular mail or would like to pay in advance and pickup your calendar at the restaurant Be Oh! Rue de Bourg 16 in Lausanne, a 2mn walk from St-Francois place

Credit card via PayPal: only for non Swiss bank account holders, or for orders of 10 calendars or more.

 boxes full of 2017 calendars

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